Committees 2019

Publicity Committee
Ken Truver, Chairman
James Horvath, Co-Chairman
Gary Anderson
Brian Blair
Mike Vogel


Membership Committee
Bill Eckert, Chairman
Robert Downey, Co-Chairman
Robert Wilson
Shawn Bukovinsky
Bruce Fromlak


By-Laws Committee
Eugene Roach, Chairman
Brian Finnerty
Kenneth Davies
Jason Gagorik
Robert Hoffman


Law Committee
Coleman McDonough, Chairman
John English, Co-Chairman
Colin Cleary
Terry O’Brien
Tim Logue


Industrial Committee
Robert Meinert
Michael Foyle
Rob Hoffman
Raymond Zydonik
Jeffrey Besong


Budget and Finance Committee
Don Dolfi, Chairman
All members of the Executive Board


Retired Chiefs Committee
Dale Vietmeier, Chairman
R.T. Bell
Joe Kletch
Bud Rost
Don Dolfi


Technology Committee
Don Dorsch, Chairman
Kevin Meyer, Co-Chairman
Matt Sentner
John Hart
John Siclia


Juvenile Committee
Aaron Lauth, Chairman
Mark Sumpter
Al Coghill
Louis McQuillan
William Weber


Emergency Management Committee
Douglas Cole, Chairman
Dennis McDonough, Co-Chairman
Donald Dolfi
Greg Seamon
Jason Gagorik


Arrangements Committee
J. William Schmitt, Chairman
Dave Laux, Co-Chairman
Michael Vogel
Michael Bisignani
James Horvath


Michael Klein, Chairman
Douglas Grimes, Co-Chairman
Jeffrey Kennedy
Jesse Lesko
Robert Cifrulak


Education Committee
Ken Truver, Chairman
Thomas Ogden
Patric McElhinney
Keith Henderson
Coleman McDonough


Communications Committee
Robert Downey
Robert Amman
James Miller
Tom Kokoski
Dan Raible


Golf Committee
Mike Vogel
Dennis McDonough
Dave Laux
Keith Henderson
James Horvath


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